I am a bad blogger…there I said it! Honestly, those who know me will agree that I’m better at talking than writing. My brother is the writer in the family. So, I apologize for not keeping up this blog. I get a lot of great ideas when I take my walks but have trouble once I’m in front of the keyboard. With that said…here’s a post. Guess I was inspired this morning!


One of the things I have learned from this experience is to be grateful for what I have. I wouldn’t say I used to be ungrateful but, I never took the time to truly appreciate things. I am now able to be more grateful for what I DO have and not dwell on what I don’t have. This change also came about from having people in my life who opened my eyes to gratitude. Instead of wishing the rain would stop, they taught me how to dance in it! And, why shouldn’t we be grateful more often? Not just for a 28 day challenge or around the holidays. How about in the middle of March when the wind is cold and biting and we’ve been trapped in the house by a long hard winter? I am not suggesting that every day single day is filled with sunshine and rainbows and positive thoughts. I’m an idealist but also a realist. It is okay to have times (even a whole day) to wonder why and to cry over things lost. I’m having one of those days today. I am ready for that permanent job that fulfills me. I am ready for that loving relationship, a best friend to share my life with. I am ready to have a home that is mine. But, I don’t have any of those things so, for today, I am feeling lost, frustrated, and sad. And that is okay…just for today. I will not dwell on those thoughts after today. Tomorrow I will wake up and be grateful that I have a temporary job, family and friends who are always there for me, my health, and a cat who is the best thing to ever come into my life. Life is better when you don’t dwell on the bad things. Give them just a little space so you can process them…then move on. It’s all good!

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